Full View of the Bar tops and foot rest we made for Paula's Restaurant & Bar

Full View of the Bar tops and foot rest we made for Olivia’s Chop House

Multi Color Acid Stained Concrete Bar Tops.

Check out the color movement using 4 acid stain colors to give this Jonesville MI bar a one of a kind look. We can create something unique for your business or residence project. Give us a call.

Different angle of the concrete bar tops we made for Paula's Chop House

Olivia’s Chop House Bar Tops in Jonesville MI. We used 4 different colors acid stain colors to create this very unique visual finish. Stop in for a great steak and a favorite beverage of choice!


Custom Concrete Bar Tops and Footrest

Custom Concrete Bar Tops and Footrest

Pretty interesting story behind a new construction of this fine dining and bar in Jonesville Michigan. The restaurant use to be named the Chicago Water Grill in a old historic building downtown that caught fire and burned to the ground. They decided to rebuild, and created a brand new building with a very modern and classy feel with a new name, Olivia’s Chop House.

We were brought in to give the bar area a unique bar top that would fit the atmosphere and style. The counters and foot rest we made has 4 different colors of acid stain washing through to give it a movement in color that you just won’t see in any other countertop surface. We made a custom drip tray design for the bartender the length of the sitting portion so any spills can be squeegeed  into one of three drain ports. Custom features like this make our concrete a great choice for your bar top plans. We can custom design the features you would like to have in your space, the way you want to use it!

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