This was a collaboration between Aardvark Sign Co. and Clauss Designs. Aardvark Sign Co. supplied the artwork, lighting and lettering mold materials as well as the steel I-beam material for the base structure. Now lets talk about the cool stuff we did for this sign that you may not realize just from looking at a picture. We carved out the artwork into a foam core mold which all the tree and white portion was carved out 3 dimensionally. For all the tree branches and roots, we added a glow stone aggregate into the mix of white concrete so it glows at night! The outer color of concrete is a slate gray tone with the white concrete being a bone white tone.

Our concrete is from our own mix designs and is an ultra high performance concrete that is very durable and will perform very well both indoors or outdoors. Contact us to see how we can help you create a unique and impactful product.


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