Here we made a custom countertop for this beautiful house on Lake Gage. It has some very custom features to it that make for some fun talking pieces in it. First, as you see the cool looking caribbean blue stone line… well that is a fire feature that is right under 8 ft long! Imagine sitting at the bar overlooking beautiful Lake Gage while you have the ambiance of a line of fire to enjoy conversation with your family and friends. Next, you will see the Lake Gage inlay with a 3 event water ski jump, slalom and trick ski inlay. Tom, the owner, is a 3 event skier of each discipline. We used his photograph of trick skiing along with Freddy Kruegers photo jumping and the one and only Andy Mapple for the slalom ski inset. Then we inlayed sea shells and a few really special cut shells that Patty supplied from purchasing in Florida.

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