Clauss Designs New Batching System. Made from scratch!

Clauss Designs New Batching System. Made from scratch!

Click Here to view a video of  our: Clauss Designs New Batching System!

All our concrete products are made from our own mix designs, meaning we use computer generated mix design sheets and then use precision scales to batch out each ingredient to its weight specifications. This allows us to be confident in the quality of our product and gives us more room for creating the type of mix we want to use for each application.

Here is a description of what this video shows:

This is my new gravity feed batching system that I have designed and created. With our shops recent move to a brand new building in Angola Indiana… Where I live, one of my goals was to streamline our batching system to be more efficient. At my old shop, I used to keep all my dry ingredients in 30 gal plastic containers that I had to shovel out of and scale out, along with my sand stations that also had to be shoveled into my containers on the scale. This new design allows me to roll my scale from one product bay to the next with ease and continue down the line until all my bulk materials are batched. Then the container is moved onto a pallet at the end of the rail system and I continue with the rest of batch products at their station area. This new system is a real timesaver and physical saver as well.

Click Here to view video of  our: Clauss Designs New Batching System!

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