Life Is Good

Why do I have this Page?
I like being around people who like to share their knowledge, not only in their profession, but also in their life’s experiences. I want to share some of the good things I have learned and come across along the way. Life here on earth is rather short when you think about it. We all need the right direction in life to be our best.

Here are some enlightening words that I have come across that have good meaning in life that I would like to share. Also are some great books that I have read or looking forward to reading along with some great websites to check out that may interest you.

  • Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.
  • To be successful is to be helpful, caring and constructive, to make everything and everyone you touch a little bit better. The best thing you have to give is yourself. Norman Vincent Peale.
  • He who angers you – controls you. Think about that one.


The Man Who Dares

The man who decides what he wants to achieve
And works till his dreams all come true,
The man who will alter his course when he must
And bravely begin something new,
The man who’s determined to make his world better,
Who’s willing to learn and to lead,
The man who keeps trying and doing his best
Is the man who knows how to succeed.


Great Books To Read

Some I have read and some I cant wait to read.

  1. The power of positive thinking. By Norman Vincent Peale ( subscribe to receive the positive thinking booklets- great little booklets to read and share with friends and family- inspiring.
  2. Your Best Life Now. By Joel Osteen (
  3. The Miracle Of Mind Power. By Dan Custer- This has been an awesome book for me.


Men’s Fraternity

To all you Men out there. If you have not heard of the Men’s Fraternity, you need to check this out. It will help you become the best Man/Husband/Father you can, in the right way!

Men’s Fraternity is a series of three one-year-long studies, beginning withThe Quest for Authentic Manhood, followed by Winning at Work and Home, and ends with The Great Adventure. Men’s Fraternity provides men with an encouraging process that teaches them how to live lives of authentic manhood.

This program has been a wonderful experience in my life, and feel so grateful that I have the opportunity of real life knowledge at my fingertips to learning more about me, my purpose as a man, and how to live my life to the fullest. Be a man and check it out!